Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is sexual assault?

The department of public safety at Southern Illinois University published an informational page about sexual assault on campus. Under their "Campus Safety Alert", you can find all the information about what sexual assault is, the different types of sexual assault and more. The beginning of the page tells us that recent studies show that sexual assault on campus's is now 70%, and they occur in 'date rape' situations. The victims of sexual assault tend to KNOW their rapist, and other people who know both individuals tend to know that the situation happened. However, do they come forward? Most of the time, no.
I was very impressed, however, by the information provided by SIU's public safety. They give step-by-step information about rape and harassment. They even give information out to men on the subject. From what I have read from this site, SIU is trying their best to keep their student safe and informed about this rising issue amongst college campus's across the nation. Which more schools should strive to do, also. 

SIU's Site:

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